'MARSHAL' Filter Test Machine is used to check the dispersion of the colorant in a compound or masterbatch. It measures differential melt pressure which indirectly indicates the quality of dispersion & particle size of pigments into the polymer. Many production losses can be avoided if the melt particle size is known. The draft of the new standard EN 13900-5 describes a procedure to compare the quality of dispersion of colorant in a compound/masterbatch. The standard describes the machine specifications like detailing of extruder, melt pump, sieves and breaker plate to be used in machine and also describes the processing parameters like the composition of mixture, the test procedure and the evaluation method. The 'MARSHAL' Filter Test Machine is made exactly as per the European standard EN 13900-5 specifications. It becomes a media between buyer & seller in the form of FPV (Filter Pressure Value) to communicate melt particle size.